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October 20, 2015

Top 5 Favorite ColourPop Ulta Matte Lip

ColourPop has recently become one of my favorite cosmetics brands.  Their lip and eyeshadow shades are intensely pigmented, high quality, and very affordable.  I will emphasize that last point again: they are insanely affordable.  I hope to try and review their blushes, highlighters and bronzers soon as well, and of course their soon to be released creme gel liners and pencil liners.

How It Stacks Up To Others

ColourPop's Ultra Matte Lip shades are a great alternative to the higher end liquid lipstick brands, such as Kat Von D or Anastasia Beverly Hills.  The ColourPop formula can be thin, runny and is much more drying and less creamy than the KVD or ABH liquid lipsticks, but overall the color payoff is amazing and you cannot be the price at only $6.00 a pop.

Consistency and Texture

I do notice that the initial color coat can be inconsistent in texture and I have to apply two coats in order to achieve a nicely even overall color.  However, layering this on too thick will make it look cakey, so I only put a second coat overtop the areas that look streaky.   Still, it is honestly not an inconvenience at all when you see the beautiful final color result that literally POPS off your lips.
The applicator is soft and allows for the product to glide over my lips, while the end of the applicator has a tapered tip that is perfect for lining my lips.  More often that not, I usually do not line my lips beforehand with a lip liner.  Rather,  I find that the applicator tip provides the same precise and clean lines that a lip liner does.

Long Lasting

Once you've applied the product to your lips, do not expect it to go anywhere easily anytime soon.  After drying for about ten minutes the life expectancy is a good several hours.  Boyfriend-approved as it will not transfer onto anything, including lips, even if you try.  

Because this Ulta Matte formula is, in fact, ULTRA matte, make sure to exfoliate and hydrate your lips before applying.  If you don't it will seep into every unflattering crack and crevice.

If you love matte lipsticks that are hydrating, these will not be the ones for you.  If you do love a more drying formula that is completely matte on your lips then these were made for you.  Oil does tend to break down the product, which means the color will diminish when eating something oil-based or using makeup remover oil at the end of the day.

My Favorites 


This bright peach, while perhaps slightly "too bright" for those deep autumn makeup looks, is still a beautiful pink-peach that can lend some brilliance to any type of look.  I recently wore this while attending a fundraising brunch, paired with a long sleeve empire waist navy blue maxi dress, and recieved many compliments.  The key to wearing a color like this during the colder weather is to pair it with a contrasting color, such as the way I did with the dark navy blue dress.


This deep grey taupe is the perfect compliment to any neutral fall makeup look.  This is often sold out on ColourPop's website and for good reason: pair this lip with any cool tone makeup look for one amazing combo. 


One of ColourPop's new fall colors, this peachy nude turns into a deep, cool tone peachy-pink when it dries.  This shade screams Autumn and can be paired with any warm tone or cool tone makeup look.


This chocolate brown is sumptuous and dark.  It takes some coordinating to pair off a dark lip like this, but do it right and it will be fierce.  I plan on using this color in several upcoming makeup looks heading into the holiday season.


On trend, this "greige," or dusty grey beige, has purple undertones and seriously impresses.  I've worn this out on several occasions and have gotten compliments on it every time.  This is one of those shades that has all the right undertones, therefore complimenting many different skin tones.

I Want To Know...

Have you tried any of ColourPop's products?  Have you tried the Ultra Matte Lips?
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