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February 22, 2016

DIY Beauty: Amazing and Affordable Eye Makeup Remover

DIY Beauty: Amazing and Affordable Eye Makeup Remover

Makeup removing oils and solutions from beauty stores or drugstores may work great, but it is unnecessary to spend money on a pre-made product that you can easily make at home.  This eye makeup remover solution is gentle on the sensitive skin around your eyes.  The skin around your eyes is so delicate that even normal rubbing or wiping can damage its elasticity and cause wrinkles.  Take care of your skin, and your wallet, and make your own eye makeup remover!

 DIY Eye Makeup Remover: Ingredients

Small Empty Container
1 1/2 Cups of Water
1/4 Tsp. Baby Oil

DIY Eye Makeup Remover: Directions

1. Your small empty container should have a secure lid.

2. Mix water, baby shampoo and baby oil together in your container.

3. Replace the lid and shake well!  Remember to shake up ingredients before each use.  The oil and water will separate between uses.

4. When you are ready to use pour a small amount of the mixture onto a cotton pad and wipe off your eye makeup.

Tricks and Tips
  • Re-use containers that you were planning on recycling anyway, such as a baby food container or old hot sauce bottle, to use as your small empty container.  Remember to wash thoroughly as you do not want these food products going into your eyes.
  • To avoid causing wrinkles to your under eye area with wiping and pulling, soak part of a cotton pad with the makeup remover solution and place gently over your eye makeup.  Allow this to sit for a few minutes to break up your eye makeup.  Gently massage your eye starting at the top of your lid to the bottom of your lashes in order to remove the makeup.
I love creating my own DIY beauty products because it saves me money to purchase the makeup that I really want.  Life is filled with trade-offs and choices and, fortunately, this is a very easy one!

I Want To Know...

What are some alternative or DIY products you use to save money in your beauty regime?

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