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February 24, 2016

My Ultimate Top 4 Favorite Concealers

My Ultimate Top 4 Favorite Concealers

Concealer is one of those essential makeup products that my beauty routine just wouldn't be the same without.  I use it to hide under eye circles, make blemishes disappear, and highlight parts of my face.  Finding the perfect concealer for your skin tone and skin type makes a world of difference, and can brighten, lighten and enhance all the right parts of your face.  Below are my current top four Holy Grail concealers.

While three of the four are considered high-end brands, great concealers don't necessarily need to come with a high price tag.  There are concealers being sold in beauty stores twice the price of these, and they are not worth the money.  Research concealers, their specific uses and benefits to determine which one is best for your face.

My Ultimate Top 4 Favorite Concealers

This concealer deserves to be mentioned first because it is quite simply my ultimate go-to Holy Grail concealer.  It is ultra creamy with a medium to full coverage that completely and easily conceals my under eye circles and blemishes with very little product.  A little goes a long way and it glides like butter onto the skin.  The application on the skin is smooth and lightweight while being comfortable and all day long-lasting.  When I use a damp Beauty Blender to apply this concealer it leaves a hydrated and slightly dewy finish to my skin, which I then set with powder for a completely creaseless finish.

This was the first high-end concealer I tried a few years ago that actually fully covered my dark under eye circles without leaving it cakey or flakey looking.  I will forever repurchase this product for as long as NARS continues to make it.

My Ultimate Top 4 Favorite Concealers

My next go-to concealer after the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is Urban Decay's Naked Skin Concealer.  In fact, I find myself constantly pulled between the two, loving each one for both the same and different reasons.  This concealer is medium to full coverage but is extremely lightweight, very buildable, and leaves a very soft almost powdery matte finish on the skin.  Many people love this concealer because it conceals in a very natural way; in other words, it completely conceals without appearing like heavy concealer.

The formula of this product will not crease or cake when you set it with powder.  I love using the shade Light Warm on my medium skin tone to highlight my under eye area as part of my highlight and contour routine.  One of the best packaging aspects about this product is the application wand.  The makeup gods at Urban Decay created the perfect application wand that is the perfect size and perfect shape to provide smooth, even application.

My Ultimate Top 4 Favorite Concealers

I have heard several mixed reviews on this concealer in the beauty blogging world, but I have been in love with this concealer since I first purchased it a year ago.  It is a full coverage, transfer and water resistant concealer; in other words, this is a hardcore covers-everything-without-exception concealer.  The consistency of this product is very thick, ultra creamy, and highly pigmented.

I often pair this concealer with the Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation, which is also full coverage, for a completely blemish-free, non-oily and non-drying matte makeup look.  Both the foundation and concealer will crease if they are not set properly with powder.  I think the problem most people have had with this concealer is they are not necessarily looking for full coverage, or are not prepared for what true full coverage entails.  I wouldn't portray full coverage makeup as "natural" looking, because it will be fairly obvious that you are wearing makeup, however there are many people who want or need full coverage regardless.  I use this concealer with other color correcting or brightening products to create a smooth and completely dark-circle-free makeup look.

My Ultimate Top 4 Favorite Concealers

NYX's Hi-Definition concealer was one of the first concealers I purchased when I first started becoming interested in makeup.  This product has a great range of shades and applies to a medium to full coverage consistency.  It is creamy and smooth without being too heavy, and will not cake or crease beneath your eyes as long as you set it with powder.

I use a mix of the shades Yellow and Light to correct my under eye darkness and highlight.  They also have shades in Lavender, to correct sallow skin, and green, to correct redness.  Overall, the product is easy to apply, very blendable, and covers well.  I would go as far as saying this is a great affordable drugstore dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Concealer.

My makeup routine would not be the same without concealers and knowing which ones are the best fit for my skin.  I have tried many, many concealers over the years and these four have consistently remained my ultimate favorites.
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