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April 18, 2017

NEWBORN BABY CLOTHING HAUL! | Carter's, Old Navy & More!

NEWBORN BABY CLOTHING HAUL! | Carter's, Old Navy & More!

The very first item we purchased after learning that we were having a baby boy was an adorable Batman onesie.  It was about an hour after my 20-week ultrasound appointment and we had stopped at Target to grab something for dinner.  While I had thought for sure I'd be browsing the racks of cuteness-overload in the little girls' section, trying to decide between which infant flower dress I wanted more, I was still in a state of shock that I'd be spending the next months picking out overalls and shirts with cars on them.

After the initial shock, I set out to find little boys clothes that I actually liked.  I do not favor anything with cartoon characters or childish drawings, and have instead gravitated towards the "little vintage man" types of clothing.  This included suspenders, henleys, rough button-downs, bow-ties, and anything with a nautical or "vintage" look to it.  

This newborn baby clothing haul includes all of the clothes we have purchased ourselves.  We have thankfully received many, many secondhand clothes; if I were to go through them all it would be an hour long video!

I hope you enjoy my picks!  Leave in the comments your favorite places to shop for baby.

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